Meet the staff: Grace Moores

b79d8ad92345655788629ce1584cfd09 Name: Grace Moores

Hometown: Duluth, Minn.

Twitter: @momoores


Other: website, blogspot 

My Beat: I like to write about all sorts of things, using all sorts of mediums to do it. I like moving away from the traditional print style of stories and utilize programs like Storify or Rebelmouse...

My Job: I report, write stories and do design work for the website.

My Story: In a nutshell, I prefer to be out than inside. Sometimes my room just functions as a large closet for my skis, camping gear, plant identification books, etc. I love to read and write all genres. My current pastime projects include making a city-wide model of the solar system, compiling a cookbook based on spices and their country of origin and a lot of biking.

I attend UMD for journalism and deaf studies, hoping for a career writing and interpreting events in sign language. So far, I've really enjoyed my learning experience here. I've had great internships with Wildwoods Rehabilitation Center and collaborating with local author Ed Newman in authoring a writing manual for grade-schoolers.

Extra-curricularly, I've spent my time playing rugby with the UMD women's team, cooking at local restaurants, and generally enjoying the delightful Duluth community, inside and out.

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