Bulldog Q&A: Twerking —are you for or against it?

IMG_0484 “I like to make fun of it. It’s entertaining when people parody it. It can be appropriate. Overall, I’m for it.” –Amanda Taylor, junior marketing major.



“I’m for it. I think if it’s in the right setting used in the proper way, it’s acceptable behavior. I’m not necessarily a twerker myself, but I have no animosity toward those who twerk.”—Vanessa Barr, junior musical theatre BFA.



“I’m against it. It has bad cultural references. I don’t participate in that kind of thing. The stuff on the VMAs was very, very much out there. I don’t dance.”—Dani Sackett (L) , senior environmental science major.

“From what I understand, it’s kind of a cultural phenomenon happening in the African American community that’s been around for the last 20 years. I’m against it with its current context, with it as a fad.”—Ryan Johnson, senior musical theory and composition major.



“Oh, yeah, I’m for it. I think it’s funny how people try and do it, but they can’t even do it. It’s funny, so it’s entertaining.”—Misrak Teka, freshman.



“I’m kind of against it, especially after the whole Miley thing. It just shows girls in not necessarily the most . . . it just doesn’t look like girls have a lot of value to themselves when they do it.”—Mikaela Krampotich, freshman vocal education major.



“I wouldn’t personally do it, but one of my friends in high school would always stop and do it in the halls. It was funny. I wouldn’t do it, but I’m not going to throw down a fight if someone else does.”—Jesse Berg, freshman biology major.



“I’m against it. I just feel like it’s really weird movement. It’s abnormal.”—Erica Epsen, freshman elementary education major.



“It depends on the setting. It just has to be in the right setting for it. There’s a right place and a wrong place for everything, and you could ruin something by doing it in the wrong place.”—Cody McDonald, transfer student mechanical engineering major.



“I’m for it ‘cause Miley does it.”—Zach Jones, sophomore exercise science major.



“After Miley, I’m going to have to say I’m against it. My good old family taught some values.”—Lauren Schulke, sophomore acting BFA.



“I think twerking is a form of expression. If people want to twerk, I don’t care. They can do whatever they want. Sometimes I feel like twerking, but I don’t know how so I stop.”—Jared Walz, sophomore acting BFA.


BY MAEGGIE LICHT licht096@d.umn.edu

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