Bulldog Q&A: What was the best part of your summer?





"Working at a daycare was my favorite part. The kids are very entertaining and cute."— Abby Leif, sophomore early childhood education major.












"Spending time on the water; I like wakeboarding."—Andrew Boysen, freshman healthcare management major.










"The Ke$ha concert; I was in the second row. That was pretty cool."—Chelsea Shafer, freshman undecided major.









"The best part of my summer was coming back to school, and my trip to New York City. I got to go to amazing shows, ate great food, had great drinks, met the cast of "Kinky Boots," and bonded with my parents."—Colleen Lafeber, junior BFA musical theatre.











"I went to the State Fair for the first time, and it was glorious. The cookies were delicious, plus going there with your best friend makes it even better. We had turkey legs, corndogs, cheese curds, cookies . . . it never stopped."—Jacob Froelich, junior theatre BA and business major.










"I greatly enjoyed going to Ely's Peak: the view from the top and the sunsets with friends."—Mac McComber, freshman undecided major.











"My favorite was being able to go home to Elk River to see friends."—Melissa Chyrklund, sophomore marketing major.












"I'd have to say going out to the cabin and relaxing on the water."—Brock Anderson, freshman civil engineering major.





Sami Ipina





"My favorite would have to be just spending the day at MOA (Mall of America) with friends."—Sami Ipina, freshman undecided major.











"Going to Hawaii and Arizona for family trips. My favorite part was lying on the beach doing nothing."—Tianji Qi, freshman undecided major.






BY MAEGGIE LICHT licht096@d.umn.edu

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