Mentor Duluth program seeks to recruit 75 volunteers in 75 days

Mentor Duluth With 250 kids currently occupying its waiting list, a local YMCA program, Mentor Duluth, looks to recruit 75 mentors in 75 days.

Community members can apply to Mentor Duluth’s program and be matched with a child to help motivate, support, and make differences in their lives.

The idea to recruit 75 mentors was inspired by the program's 75th anniversary, which is being celebrated this year. Twenty-two members have joined since the program’s recruitment started on March 1, and the opportunity to enroll as a volunteer will continue through the second week in May.

“We’re doing a lot of new things to raise awareness about our company, which currently has 250 kids on the waiting list to receive a mentor,” said Cassie Flynn, an advocate for Mentor Duluth.

The program’s 250 kids on the waiting list are children who are enrolled in the program but have yet to be matched up with a mentor.

“Some of these kids will be waiting for a couple of years to receive a mentor, so our new ad campaign, which plays off the 75th anniversary, is focused on reaching our goal of 75 new mentors by May 14,” Flynn said.

Mentor Duluth is looking to make a push in recruiting members within the community who would be committed to building a relationship with each and every one of the children on their waiting list, Flynn said. Cali Laumn, a program advocate and child enrollment coordinator, has high hopes for the company’s future.

“I think the campaign is a way to make our program visible in the community," she said. "Even if an individual has heard of us, our hope is to make them stop and think a little more about becoming a mentor when they see our exposure around town."

According to the program’s website, the purpose of a mentor is to become a positive and responsible role model. It continues by saying the program offers a unique opportunity for its mentors, as the benefits of becoming a mentor provides a strong bond with a child that will look up to them.

“This is a great way to motivate positive adults to engage in a community-based program that makes a difference,” Laumn said. “Children are the future, and it’s adults who help shape and guide children by providing insight, knowledge and resources. With that being said, children also teach adults to have fun, relax, and enjoy life’s little moments.”

“It’s been a good start, and we’ve had a ton of people come in and learn more about our program," Flynn added. "We look forward to receiving more applications."

"Building Friendships, Changing Lives" reads the slogan on the organization’s website, as it looks to continue its recruitment of individuals to help change the lives of children throughout the community.

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