Golden Retrievers await adoption through Minnesota nonprofit

Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM) has been rescuing Golden Retrievers, along with a few "honorary goldens," since 1985, helping them find new homes with loving families. This week, LakeVoice features a story about one of these special animals: a blind golden named Faith who was adopted by a family in Duluth. There are more than 70 other RAGOM dogs waiting to be adopted or looking for sponsors. Their photos and information are featured in the slideshow below. To see more information about the dogs, click on the picture to view their name, age, and a link to their personal page on the RAGOM website. Or, just sit back and enjoy the cuteness. Click here for more information about RAGOM and the various ways to help these dogs. Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Permission for photos courtesy of Devon Thomas Treadwell, RAGOM director of marketing and communications

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