Jonesing for Christmas Break

I know it’s a bit early to be lusting after the semesters end already, but I just cannot help it. Every time I finish an assignment I count it as that much closer to being Christmas break. (I hope that because of this excitement, I will get my assignments done in a timely fashion.) But I have to admit that if I could fast forward these next 3 weeks—you bet I would. Just think: no homework, studying or stressing over school for 4 glorious weeks. No taking the crowded DTA only to get back on 4 hours later to an equally crowded bus, no group projects, no tests.

That would be a good enough Christmas present for me.

In those 4 weeks, there are so many possibilities as to what we can do. I can’t wait to run around in the snow like a child and drink like an adult. I have to complain a bit that I will most likely not be able to watch even one ABC family Christmas movie but hey, its not like I haven’t seen them all multiple times.

All we need to do is survive these next 3 weeks of class and give finals our best and then we’re free! (That is, until the 20th of January.) This Thanksgiving weekend I got a small glimpse of what life is like when I don’t have commit most of the daylight to school work, and it was fantastic.

I’m sure some of you, like me, are looking forward to having the time to go to the gym again, to put makeup on and to actually get ready for the day. Others might just be looking forward to sleeping in or staying up all hours of the night. We are so close, my friends. I wish you all luck in these next few weeks. Don’t give up!


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