Presidential candidates take different positions on tuition issue

Most college students are concerned about the continuously rising cost of tuition. But despite their desire to have the tuition decreased, the overall cost of tuition has been increasing continuously. Because of the increasing tuition, some students are in serious debt, which sometimes leads to protests against the ever-increasing costs.

When it comes to increasing tuition costs, the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) is no exception.

According to the graph below, the UMD tuition has been increasing every year since 2008.


In this situation, the candidates of the 2012 presidential election are taking different positions related to the tuition issue.

President Barack Obama has stressed the importance of education, while Mitt Romney seems to have no specific plans for the tuition issue.

Obama vs. Romney tuition issue

UMD students have their own opinions about the issue of tuition costs.

Sophomore Mary Battaglia said that she doesn't believe in either Obama or Romney.

Sarah Young, an Education major, said that she doesn't know who to believe when it comes to tuition costs.

Alyssa Milinkovich, a freshman, said that she is a little more supportive of Obama's plans than Romney's, because she doesn't like the idea of higher tuition.

In short, college tuition is rising continuously as is the number of college students in debt.

UMD students have different attitudes when it comes to the stance of the presidential candidates on the issue of rising tuition costs.

With the election less than a week away, the results are being watched with keen interest.

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