Secretary of State says be an educated voter

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has some advice for students and young voters in the upcoming election. “Once in the polling place, it’s too late," Ritchie said in a phone interview with LakeVoice News. "Take five to ten minutes before, and be prepared."

When preparing to vote, Ritchie’s advice is to go to and use the My Ballot tool. When an address is provided, a personalized ballot appears that provides links to each candidate's website.

Ritchie said this can be particularly helpful toward the bottom of the ballot when it comes to positions like soil and water supervisors as well as judges.

“The courts are there for many different purposes in the lives of many different people,” Ritchie said.

Ritchie said soil and water positions have an important role to play in protecting the environment and include fresh water, drinking water and water for recreation. He said all of these are important issues to citizens of Duluth who cherish their outdoor community.

Ritchie said even casting a vote for someone who is unopposed can be a reflection of the level of satisfaction that person has for the candidate.

“If someone is running unopposed in the broader community, that means it is believed that that person is doing a good job,” Ritchie said.

Ritchie said he wants young voters to know that it’s not too late for them to vote. It’s still possible to vote absentee or do same-day registration on Election Day.

“No eligible voter should not be voting,” Ritchie said. “In Minnesota, we take the view that we want young voters to be active voters their whole lives."

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