"I Am With Mitt Romney"

Dating back to 1787, the US Constitution has been guaranteeing American’s freedom. Throughout the last four years we have been losing this freedom though the policies of President Obama. Under Obamacare, we are going to be forced to buy Health Insurance even if we do not want it. Most people see Obamacare as just universal health insurance and do not see the other effects that are tucked into the bill: eighteen new taxes aimed at the middle class, problems with the IRS for individuals who do not care to have health insurance; hurting America’s jobs by forcing small businesses with fifty employees to provide health insurance for every employee, and taking money out of Medicare, which is already projected to go broke. President Obama’s administration has not even passed a budget. How can they add more money to the already blotted deficit without a solution to pay for it?

Another provision neatly tucked into the massive health care law is an effective nationalization of the student loan industry. Obamacare ends government subsidies to private lenders and puts the federal government in charge of originating and servicing federally backed student loans. Colleges will now be able to raise tuition even more in the coming years.

Obamacare is taking money out of the already failing education system. It is forcing states to expand Medicare, which is costing the funding that could better be spent on the education system.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, known as the stimulus package was Obama’s idea of fixing the economy. As a result of this, Obama promised that it would bring the unemployment rate down to 5.6%, but sadly unemployment has been at 8.3% throughout President Obama’s first term, and recently dropped to 7.8% due to massive amounts of people leaving the work force because they could not find jobs. The stimulus package invested in green jobs, most of which went bankrupt. It is not the government’s job to invest in the private sector.

The greatest single opportunity the federal government can give to the American people is to get out of the way and let the private sector create jobs. The private sector is responsible for creating seventy percent of jobs in America and by the way the private sector pays for the federal government.

Mitt Romney’s policy to make America energy independent is realistic. America has more natural gas than any other country in the world and we are not utilizing it. President Obama refused to sign the Keystone Pipeline Bill that would have created thousands of jobs. President Obama wants green jobs, but Mitt Romney is looking out for the future of our country by making us energy independent with a real plan.

The debt in America is out of control. When Obama took office in 2008 the debt of our country was about $10.6 trillion, now the debt exceeds over $16 trillion. Once America’s debt reaches $20 trillion we will lose credit with other countries. If President Obama is re-elected, this is number could easily be reached by 2016. America needs a balanced budget and just “taxing the rich” is not the solution.

My dad is a small business owner. I understand the effects of Obama’s last four years with his polices. Raising taxes, heavy-handed regulations, a blotted deficit, manipulating America’s money which all was done under Obama’s administration only make businesses unable to grow and hire more employees, which leads to a falling economy. Mitt Romney wants real solutions for the problems the nation faces, Obama wants a bigger federal government.

BY Noah White whit1827@d.umn.edu

photo credit to Tobyotter at flickr

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