Interactive map shows Duluth's polling places

Use this interactive map of the polling places surrounding UMD if you are not exactly sure where you are supposed to go and vote.  A lot of the polling areas are located at churches, more so than in previous years. View Map of Polling Places around UMD in a larger map

"In the past, many schools were used as polling places, but in recent years with student safety issues, schools are not used for statewide or national elections.  Most churches are used simply because they are in the precinct district and are usually free of charge or dirt cheap," said Roberta Museta, clerk of the St. Louis County Board/Elections Director.

According to the 2012 County Election Guide, 

All polling places must be:

  1.  fully accessible (see Section 6.5);
  2.  large enough to accommodate the election activities;
  3.  free of other, non-election, activities;
  4.  smoking free;
  5.  liquor free and not next to a liquor service area; and
  6.  located within the precinct except
  7. a. metropolitan area cities, towns, and schools may locate a polling place outside the precinct if it is within one mile of the  precinct boundary or it is part of a combined polling place (see the Combined Polling Place section below); and
  8. b. non-metropolitan towns and schools may locate polling places up to five miles outside the precinct boundary.

The above criteria for polling places are some of the reasons that polling places have gone from schools to churches.

Obviously, not all churches can fit into the criteria of meeting the list above, so we still see schools, universities, etc as polling places.

Another way to find out where to vote is simply by going to the St. Louis County Auditor's site, and through that site, go to the Election link to polling places. From there, just enter in your zip code or county you live in and it will bring up where to go and vote.

If a registered voter, a piece of postage with all the information should have been received with the exact address/place to go and vote at.

If not registered yet, voters still will have the option to register at the polling places.

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