UMD students discuss presidential candidates Students on UMD's campus are scurrying through the halls and making their final voting decisions during the week leading up to the 2012 election.

Historically, the collegiate system has a reputation for prevailing democratic representation, and recent student interviews upheld that trend.

The majority of students interviewed by LakeVoice News seemed to find inspiration from President Barack Obama over his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney. It was discovered that Romney supporters interviewed at UMD were fewer in numbers but just as passionate in their words.

UMD students were approached and asked the question, "As a person who is currently going to college, which presidential candidate are you most inspired by and why?"

Immediate responses were filmed and later compiled to generate an overall sense of who is most inspirational to the student body at UMD.

Students listed in order of appearance: Will Earley, Sarah Mertz, Dan Nelson, Elliot Weiss, Kern Wilson, Keri Koskiniemi, Cloey Walsh, Uriah Steber, Annie Louiselle and Spencer Clough.

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