UMD College Republicans voice opinions on economy, education

Related story: UMD Democrat voices opinion from student point of view The UMD College Republicans are looking to gain support and votes among college students for the Republican candidates. The GOP is looking regain control of the office of the President, and stay in control with Rep. Chip Cravaack in Minnesota's 8th District.

Christopher Popov is a member of the College Republicans and believes that the vote of students really does count despite the belief of some. He sat down for an interview with LakeVoice News.

"We can really change elections," he said. "We should really get out there so we can have our issues on the national stage."

With so many issues out there for students to follow, it can be hard to see which one will hit students the hardest. The economy would be the biggest issue, especially for students that are on the edge of graduating. "The economy is paramount," Christopher said.

Students graduating are going into a rough job market. As of September 2012 the unemployment rate was at 7.8 percent in the United States, according to to Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

"Republicans are going to fight for jobs now and in the future," Christopher said.

Many college graduates leave school with thousands of dollars in debt. Republicans want to return education legislation back to the individual states.

"States know how to better deal with the issues of education," Christopher said.

One of the biggest hot-button issues in this year's election is the amendment on voter ID. Republicans are looking to prevent voter fraud and gain back some integrity to the voting process they feel has been lost.

Besides the Presidential race another one that will hit closer to home will be between Rep. Chip Cravaack and his opponent, Rick Nolan.

"It's important for students to vote for Chip Cravaack," Christopher said. "He is looking out for student's futures

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