Crime Beat

Along with a homecoming victory, the weekend brought its fare share of partying. All told, 37 underage consumption tickets were issued, two students were sent to detox, two students were sent to the hospital, three possession tickets were given out and one student was sent to jail. Early Sunday morning officers were called to a disruption at 513 Niagara Ct. and found a highly intoxicated student. When the officers tried to issue the student a ticket he became aggressive and attempted to fight officers, hitting one officer in the face. After officers restrained the student he was booked at the St. Louis County Jail. He was charged with 4th degree assault, obstructing the legal process with force, disorderly conduct, fleeing police, and underage consumption.

Early Saturday Morning, officers were called to 618 Oakland Circle after a student was reported to have damaged a screen. Upon their arrival, the officers found a highly intoxicated student. The student’s hands and knuckles were bloody from punching a wall. Officers charged the student with underage consumption and transported the student to the hospital and eventually to detox.

A non-student was arrested at the corner of Woodland Avenue and St. Marie Street for driving while intoxicated. When the officer approached the vehicle he could smell a very strong odder of alcohol. The women was booked and sent to detox. She had a blood alcohol content of 0.25, the legal driving limit is .08.


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