Timeflies sits down with the Statesman after rocking UMD Thursday

Timeflies rocked a packed Kirby Ballroom Thursday night at UMD. When the fall concert was announced earlier in October, the student body reacted with enthusiasm and over the top excitement. One student even waited in line for 24 hours just to make sure she was in front row. Timeflies didn't disappoint any of their fans, playing an hour and a half set.

Timeflies is a two-man band that formed in 2010 and released their debut album in September of 2011. Members Cal and Rez are from New York and New Jersey and currently call Brooklyn home.

The group is currently on a US tour, hitting cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Atlanta. On Friday night they will be playing in Minneapolis’ TCF Bank Stadium. After the show Statesman staff member Brad Bedford had the opportunity to sit down with the group for an exclusive interview.

How does this show compare to others you have played?

Cal/Rez: "Better than Somerset Music Festival for sure, but we've played bigger shows. The energy was comparable to some of 18,000 people shows we've played though."

What are you expecting out of TCF Bank Stadium at the Twin Cities Campus?

Cal: "Opening for B.O.B. is going to be one of the biggest things we've done. I'm really excited to meet him, but I think it will pretty sweet."

Rez: "I am expecting what it was like when we opened for Lupe Fiasco, awesomeness."

If you could point to one song that made you blow up on YouTube, what would it be?

In unison: "UNDER THE SEA"

Cal: "That fucking song man, every time we play, the crowd loses it."

What does your shirt (with the words “Beware of the Cultural Influences” on it) mean, Rez?

Rez: "I bought it because it's ironic. I consider Timeflies an influence on college kids, just like dubstep, hip-hop or EDC. I just want people to be aware of the music they listen to."

Who thought of wearing the UMD hockey jersey on stage?

Cal: "Well, we were at a house showering before the show called, 'The Brothel', and I saw the jersey sitting out and asked if I could borrow it for the show. Turns out it was a hit, huh?"

Yeah, I'd say so. Anytime you make any hockey reference in a hockey town like Duluth you're going to get a lot of response!


Who puts your outfits together?

Rez: "Well, I'd like to think I have good enough fashion sense to dress myself, but Luke (tour manager) does help us out a little bit here and there."

Cal: "We are currently recruiting any stylists!"

Who gets more girls?

All three guys in the room look at Cal, and suddenly a female wearing a neon Timeflies tank top stumbles into the room and says she's "looking for her coat." The room erupts in laughter and we decided to move onto the next question.

Where do you think you'll be in five years?

Luke (Tour Manager): "Man are we already getting questions like this?"

Rez: "I know, right? I don't know where I'm going to be in five months, let alone five years!"

Cal: "Yea, if we are doing this same thing in five years, I hope we are making $2 billion a show!"

What was your major in college?

Cal: "We both majored in music, funny enough, but I also majored in entrepreneurship."

Rez: "Yup, and I also majored in philosophy."

Either of you single?

In unison again: "Both of us!"

Why is that?

Cal: "It’s hard for both of us being on the road so much. I mean honestly I slept in my own bed maybe 20 times. I'd miss the girl too much and it wouldn't be fair."

Rez: "I am currently looking for love."

Everyone slowly turns to look at Rez, who raises an eyebrow, and then we all begin to laugh again.

Who comes up with your ideas for the Timeflies Tuesday videos?

Cal: "Honestly we are usually sitting around on Monday night, pissed as fuck because we don't know what we are going to shoot about. Then we just start talking about something somewhat intelligent and an idea usually evolves from that."

Rez: "We also try to take ideas out of what is going on around the world. Like we've done tribute songs to Steve Jobs, Whiney Houston, and even for the Super Bowl too!"

Who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl?

Cal: "Patriots. No doubt. New England is my team."

Rez: "Titans!"

NBA Finals?

Cal: "I can't say who is going to win, but I think it's going to be Lakers vs. Heat."

Rez: "Celtics."

World Series?

Cal: "I mean we are both huge Reds fans, so even though they are out, I think I'll just root for them next year."

Rez: "I honestly can't cheer for anyone else but the Reds. Unless the Yankees make it to the World Series, then I'm going to cheer for whoever they are playing."

Favorite beer?

Rez: "Woah, Woah, Woah, now you can't just throw a question out there without getting specific. My favorite delicious beer is Long Trail IPA."

Cal: "For delicious beer I would for sure say Fat Tire. But when I get hammered, I fucking love Natty Light, Busch Light and Bud light! I mean, Rez, come on man, we made it all the way through college on Natty!"

Rez: "True true, but I don't know if I have a drunk beer."

What do you drink when you get a little saucy?

Rez: "UV vodka."

The room again breaks out in laughter. We are beginning to howl at this point.

Cal, what's your favorite liquor?

Cal: "Jack Daniels."

Luke: "Oh look at Cal getting all classy!"

Rez: "Yeah , look at you stepping up your game!"

How many days have you been on tour?

Luke: "16 days so far."

Cal: "But we have 40 days left to go!"

Rez, what is Cal's most annoying habit?

Rez: "Cal is the most angry morning person in the world. For the first 15 minutes that he is awake he wants to bite everyone's head off!"

Cal: "Yea I'm like, WHO THE FUCK WOKE ME UP! UGH!"

The room is again laughing as girls are trying to peak through the cracks to sneak a look, and chants of “Timeflies” begin outside the room.

Cal: "Since you asked him that question I get to answer the same thing for Rez, right?!"

Lay it on me.

Cal: "Rez is the messiest person ever with his clothes! Literally, I think he 'Gronk' spikes his dirty laundry whenever he is done wearing it!"

Who are your musical inspirations?

Rez: "Skrillex. He is a musical pioneer, and as a fellow DJ, I look to his music for things that might work well for us. I don't listen to much anymore, but he is still my inspiration."

Cal: "James Taylor, and my family."

Rez: "Add my family in there to for me, because I don't want people to think that Cal is more of a family guy than I am."

Cal: "Whatever dude, you're just copying me!"

What would be your dream venue?

Cal: "Hands down, there is only one answer to that question for me, Madison Square Garden."

Rez: "Obviously MSG would be the best, but I would have to say that the Super Bowl halftime show would be pretty freaking sweet."

One last question, what’s the game plan for tonight (after the show)?

Cal: "I don't think I'm going out tonight. We have two huge shows the next two nights, but I'm sure Rez is going to get hammered."

Rez: "Yea, Cal has to be conservative with that pretty voice and all. And when Cal does drink, he can only drink one way. Until blackout. But, me on the other hand, I only and always drink to blackout!"

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