Ready to Rage


As I sat listening in on the meeting, I couldn’t help but make the daft connection between Michael Lang, John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, and Artie Kornfeld with these five UMD students and alumni.

No one’s to judge whether the names above ring a bell or not. Still, it should be noted that those five young men were responsible for hosting one of the most monumental rock festivals in history: Woodstock.

“Basically were just some college kids trying to have a great party,” said Jeff Studenski, head of graphic design and promotion for the event. “There’s no reason why we can’t throw a legal, fun party.”

This 21+ beach party is now known as the Spring Rager. You’ve received the Facebook event invite, right?

As of earlier this week, 980 have given their RSVP, and the number is expected to rise. Although not nearly as large as Woodstock, but still a large crowd, attendance for the Rager is expected to be around 2,000.

Jeff Studenski, Andy Graengs, a recent UMD alumni, and Brad Bedford decided to take the next step from Entrepreneur Club to the real deal. The three teamed up with Alex Kloss, Dj and sound and light coordinator, as well as Jared Vincent, social networking liaison to pull everything together in just five short weeks.

Together these five Bulldogs call themselves the United Party Force and their mission is simple: to throw the biggest party Duluth has ever seen.

“From the beginning we met with police, we have a permit for the park,” said Studenski. “We’ve done everything that needs to be done to make this a legal party.”

The first step was to get the City of Duluth’s approval to host the event. In order to do so, the Spring Rager must meet requirement made by The Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC). The DECC views the Rager just like any other event, it’s looked at no differently than the Fourth of July or Blues Festival.

Dan Russell, DECC Executive Director, met with Graengs to discuss what needed to be done in order for the Spring Rager to be a success. Graengs and his team followed through with all requirements in a week’s time, proving to the city that they mean business.

“Putting on any event is a gamble,” said Russell in a recent telephone interview. “Just because someone is young doesn’t mean they cant do it.”

The City’s biggest concern addressed by Russell is volume. Since this is the earliest event to be held at Bayfront, noise levels will be higher because there’s still no foliage on the trees. The United Party Force responds to this concern lightheartedly, with the belief that “if it’s too loud, you’re too old.”

Nonetheless, a lot is riding on the outcome of the event for the United Party Force team.

“My reputation relies on this party,” said Bedford. “If it goes bad, it will be really bad for me. And if it goes good they (UMD Administration) will be like, ‘oh, he’s alright.’”

Whether looking at the Spring Rager as being the last big party of the school year or as the kickoff party of summer 2012, The United Party Force is determined for it to be an epic party, rain or shine.

“We are a college town,” said Russell. “If it goes well, maybe it can become an annual thing.”

Tickets for the Spring Rager can be purchased at Electric Fetus as well as Legacy Glassworks. Any questions? Contact:

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