Cast your vote



It’s only 62 days away.

A day the world will surely remember, Nov. 6, 2012, will be synonymous with our generation. It is the day where we will have the opportunity to vote for our next president.

“Part of a college education is widening your horizons in terms of social issues and government issues, “ said Chancellor Lendley Black, outfitted in a Bulldog Welcome Week T-shirt. “It’s extremely important that students vote.”

The last thing on any student’s mind their very first week of college is voting. However, many are excited to fulfill their civic duty for the first time.

Thomas Walsh, a freshman from Appleton, Wis., although “not into politics,” responded assertively that he was planning on voting in his first presidential election.

“A good thing of me coming so far away from home is getting to experience more points of view than what my parents would have normally given me,” said Walsh.

And that is exactly what Chancellor Black advises all students to do: get informed for yourself; push aside all the hype and extremism so you can vote intelligently.

“Regardless of someone’s perspective, regardless of their political party, we hope that throughout the course of their college education they’re really deepening their understanding of what’s going on,” said Black.

The university puts a lot of focus on civic engagement.  According to Black, this is reflective of the greater Duluth community, which shows a strong sense of social responsibility and political engagement.

“If you are going to be successful in whatever major you choose or career path,” said Chancellor Black, “you’re going to have to have a sense of governmental issues and social issues that surround you.”

Those interested in preparing to cast their vote can follow these simple steps:

  • Go to UMD’s homepage
  • Click on Campus Life
  • Find the “Voting Information” link under Get Involved

This link will lead you to the website of the Minnesota Secretary of State Office. Here, you can register to vote, vote absentee, find candidate and voting right information and more.

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