Jonesing on the Zombie Crawl

Fall—or for the Brits and some of us who haven’t forgotten the term—autumn. It evokes in the mind beautiful leaf pigments, crisp air and scents of cinnamon and pumpkin spices. For us girls it’s a time where we can wear over-sized sweaters (which feel like we just threw a blanket on) and head out the door. It’s a time when scarves actually serve a purpose and when spending $4 on coffee every day just doesn’t make us feel guilty anymore. For the boys it’s just back to school and the time when they have to toss another blanket on their beds. For some, though, fall doesn’t just bring spicy aromas and extra layers, it brings that fabulous time of year where the dead roam the streets searching for brains and…beer.

That’s right folks. ZOMBIES.

This weekend our own zombies and zombiettes will be roaming around the streets of the west bank neighborhood of Minneapolis crawling from pub to pub in search of their next victim. It’s the eighth annual Zombie Pub Crawl here in Minnesota and thousands of people are expected to show up hungry for brains- and thirsty for some alcoholic beverages.

This zombie crawl was the first of its kind and they are making it bigger and better every year. This year, the undead will take over the Midway Stadium in St. Paul, renaming it “zombie island”—an appropriate choice I think.

I personally will be dressing up like a zombie bride, which has always been my dream of course, and chasing people around with a “Brain Belt” in my hand; known to you humans as “Grain Belt.” Amongst the Brain Belt drinking, there will be a free carnival and live shows for all zombies. Who doesn’t want to see thousands of zombies screaming on carnival rides and dancing to house music? That, my friends, is my question.

To prepare myself for this weekend’s festivities, I have been watching as many zombie flicks and shows as I can get in while still keeping up with college (which isn’t easy). My favorite so far has been “The Walking Dead,” a show I just found on netflix. It’s fantastic; a cop wakes up from a coma and zombies have taken over the world. BAM! Storyline fit for my goal this week- learn how to look and act like a zombie. Another one I watched was a film—“28 Days Later.” That one was a little too terrifying for my liking. (Needless to say I found myself watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” after about 35 minutes into the movie.)

That’s beside the point.

The point is, if you want to have a bloody good time this weekend I know a pretty good spot for it. Just don’t forget the law still exists—no anarchy allowed.


photo credit: Marcus Metropolis at flickr

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