Fall TV Premieres

September is the exciting month when school resumes, the leaves on the trees start changing colors, and (most importantly) our favorite TV shows start airing their season premieres. Now that the cool, autumn air is upon us, we have more time to relax indoors and watch TV. After waiting for months in patient agony, loyal viewers can finally rest easy as the thrilling outcomes of nail-biting cliffhangers are revealed. The first season continuation of “Switched at Birth” premiered on Sept. 3 (airs Mondays at 7 p.m.). The premiere was good and filled with a lot of drama as usual; however, sometimes it can be too much to follow at once because it is easy to forget things that have happened, especially after taking a break for a few months. The show was stimulating and this season looks to be favorable. I wish the show focused on Bay and Emmett more but it will be exciting to see if they can work things out and get back together again. The unforeseen surprise ending of Regina and Angelo getting married was very shocking and it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

The season-four debut of “The Middle” aired on Sept. 26. As usual, the show was funny and entertaining by taking a wacky family and placing them in everyday situations with a twist. I really like how this show can relate to anybody. Sometimes characters in other shows will drastically change their appearance at the beginning of a new season, however, season after season the characters in “The Middle” remain their same unique selves. My favorite character is Sue because it is inspiring to see someone who is always so optimistic. Frankie is another well-created character. Patricia Heaton does a wonderful job of escaping her hype cast as Debra Barone on the hit TV show “Everybody Loves Raymond.” This is a great show to take a short, well-deserved break from endless papers and studying. “The Middle” airs every Wednesday at 7 p.m.

The second season of “Once Upon a Time” premiered Sept. 30, available to be watched on Sundays at 7 p.m. The intricate plot line of the first season picks up right where it left off commencing season two, which makes it easier to keep up. Now that the curse is broken, Snow White and Prince Charming have a somewhat awkward reunion with Emma, which is a let-down after anticipating it for so long. The reunion is short lived when Snow White and Emma get pulled into the kingdom. It is agonizing and maddening to watch Snow White and Prince Charming always getting separated by an unfortunate twist of fate. The emotional and anxiety-ridden nature of this show always leaves me wanting more at the edge of my seat with only five minutes left to see what image I am going to be left with until the next episode. This season looks like it’s going to be very promising to deliver another fun and creative hour of enjoyment each week.

By KATIE BENUSA benus014@crk.umn.edu

photo credit: Elsie esq. at flickr

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