Why Voter ID should be Bipartisan

Voter ID has divided our political parties. But what do the American people think? Americans already feel their politicians are corrupt along with the entire political system, including the elections. But there are steps that can be taken to prevent election fraud. One of those steps is requiring photo identification. The amendment would require voters to present valid photo identification when they cast their vote. This law has been championed by Republicans and criticized by Democrats. Yet another issue where there is division in our political system. While there is an argument to be made for both sides, the facts are a little clearer. Voter fraud exists, but requiring voters to present photo ID would not completely eliminate it. There are various cases of voter fraud—not all of which can be solved with requiring every voter to present a photo ID.

Requiring photo identification is just a step in preserving the integrity of the electoral process in America. This is important. The United States of America has been able to maintain a democracy where we elect representatives, senators, congressmen, and presidents by the people casting a vote to elect them to office. Voter ID is just another way to preserve this right and help aid in the accuracy of it. Here is where the argument becomes distorted. While the Democrats will have people believing that Republicans want to suppress voter turn out by requiring photo identification at the polls, that is simply not true. Republicans want every American to have the opportunity to vote, they just want to eliminate fraud.

The Republicans are projecting the idea that requiring citizens to present voter ID will eliminate voter fraud completely. It won’t. Sadly that is probably never going to happen. Voting and holding elections is a complicated process with millions of people involved. Requiring photo ID when a person casts their vote is just another way to ensure the process is done accurately.

How both political parties frame the argument of having to show photo identification in order to cast a vote will get brutal like most all issues in politics do these days. The Democrats will say the mean old Republicans are trying to suppress the minorities from voting because minorities traditionally vote democratic. This is sadly where they will lose the argument because Americans are smarter than that. The Republicans have a better case. People want honest elections. They do not want illegal aliens, dead people, animals, or Mickey Mouse voting in an election. Sadly there have been voter fraud cases concerning all of these. There is too much at stake when any sort of venerability is allowed in the election process. Americans are tired of hearing about the endless cases of voter fraud.

When most Americans vote, they have to present a valid drivers license. So if it were required would it suppress voter turnout? The Democrats say yes and the Republicans say no, but what do the American people think? They want honest elections and belief in the system in which elects people to govern the United States of America.

This should be a state-by-state issue, not something the federal government takes on to further divide our country. States who have issues with voter fraud should take steps to prevent it. States where voter fraud is almost non-existent should be more focused on other issues. If both sides would put partisan politics aside and actually make this a bipartisan issue, it could be resolved. It should be taken out of the hands of the federal government because they have enough to worry about and let the states decide. Requiring photo identification should be a state issue, not being contested at the federal government.

Requiring voter identification is not the most important thing on the minds of Americans, although it is important. Americans are far more worried about jobs and the state of the economy than about being required to present photo identification when voting, which most people already do. But don’t be fooled, they are paying attention. Americans all want accurate elections because it is the basis of a successful democracy that makes for a successful country.

BY ALI BOETTCHER boett098@d.umn.edu

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