UMD journalism students find Duluth’s third places

Third Places Throughout Duluth, there are a countless number of places where people gather. These social settings, which urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg called third places, are separated from work and home and are simply places where people "hang out." Whether it's a barber shop, coffee shop, or even online, people seek to build community in their daily lives.

This fall, journalism students at UMD decided to find some of the popular third places in Duluth. To start off their semester, students go out into the community and search for story ideas that they will report and write for LakeVoice News in the upcoming weeks. The students chronicled what they found on a website called TwinPorts Third Places.

Now we want you to share your favorite third places. Where do you kick back and unwind in the city of Duluth? Have you been to any of the third places observed by students in this project?

Here's how to contribute. You can simply post a comment below, make a post on our Facebook page, or go to the TwinPorts Third Places site and make a post by clicking on Submit a Post.

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