Local writer finds outlet for 'weird science' on Perfect Duluth Day

Don’t let the obscure videos he posts online, or the action figurines and sci-fi posters that cover his house fool you. Jim Richardson is a local writer at the top of his game. Richardson is well known for the videos he posts on Perfect Duluth Day, an online blogging site that can be used as an outlet for information. The videos that Richardson films range from toy boats simulating ship wrecks to stuffed animals starting an argument.

Barret Chase, Perfect Duluth Day Blog director and co-founder, said that as long as user’s content doesn’t violate any of the website’s policies, they will be published.

“Perfect Duluth Day is just like any other WordPress. Just fill in your information and we will confirm your request to join the site,” Chase said.

WordPress is a personal publishing platform that can be used by anyone to create their own Web site.

“I think his videos are great and fun to watch. They are short so they are easy to watch online,” Chase said.

Richardson’s passion for making videos does not mirror his professional life as a bulk buyer at the Whole Foods Co-Op.

“I have always considered work to be a platform to support myself financially and my writing,” Richardson said. “I moved to Duluth because it grabbed me by being [in] a small town with a vibrant feel."

His goal is to succeed as a writer by writing and producing videos full-time.

“My videos are meant to expand on material in our novel,” said Richardson.

Jim Richardson and his brother Allen Richardson have been in the process of writing a novel manuscript about “weird science” in connection to his videos.

“I moved to Duluth in 2004 and that is when Jim and I started writing together more seriously,” said Allen Richardson.

Jim Richardson and Allen Richardson moved in together after they published articles on their website called gonzoscience.com. This website has been up and running since 1998.

“It is great to work with my brother,” said Allen Richardson.

“We have always had a passion for ‘weird science,’” said Jim Richardson. “’Weird science’ deals with scientific anomalies, paradigm shifts and reality shifts. If science is supposed to explain things, why do scientists argue so much about it?”

Jim Richardson succeeded in getting his work published in multiple forms. He has videos, a book, articles, audio CDs and a novel manuscript. Perfect Duluth Day has been a great outlet for him to get his video content published.

For his audio CD, he collaborated with a band called Cloud Cult and its front man Craig Minowa to create a speak voice album. Minowa plays instruments and provides the rhythm. During one song, Jim Richardson talks about how the big bang theory is incorrect. Some listeners feel as if they are being pulled through a subway tunnel. The mix of fast paced words and sounds captures the audience and takes them on a knowledge-filled listening experience.

As if that is not enough, the brothers also used to host events.

“For four or five years we used to host the Area 61 UFO convention. We stopped doing it because we wanted to focus on the novel,” said Jim Richardson.

The brothers liked to call it “The world’s most skeptical UFO conference.” During the convention, they would explain UFOs with “weird science,” explain how they are impossible to rule out, and talk about altered states of consciousness.

“We are truly kids at heart,” said Allen Richardson while thinking about the conference.

The purpose behind writing the novel manuscript is to make their content more appealing to readers. It is the largest project they have ever completed and are hoping it will be a major success.

“The novel sexes up the dry data. Research and facts are boring, but novels are exciting to read,” Richardson said.

They recently completed the novel manuscript and are now in the process of pitching it to publishing companies.

The Richardson’s are not just two middle-aged brothers living together with a house full of toys who claim to be “kids at heart.” They are grown men with a passion for weird science publishing. Although their material is abstract, they do have an audience.

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