Gluten-free options can be found in Duluth if you know where to look

About 1 in 133 people in America suffer from a crippling autoimmune disorder called celiac, where their digestive system cannot process proteins in wheat called glutens. According to the Northland Celiac Support Group, 97 percent of all people who have celiac do not know they have the disorder and many will take years of misdiagnosis until their condition is understood. Celiac is the only autoimmune disorder with a known treatment; a gluten-free diet. For many, the task of finding gluten-free options for wheat-based products is daunting and expensive. Duluthians with celiac are able to find many options in the same stores and restaurants they have been visiting for years.

By using Pinterest, a social media site used to compile images and information around the internet, explore an acompanying Pinboard with gluten-free options and information from around Duluth.

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