Northlanders protest PolyMet mining

There was a protest outside the Kitchi Gammi Club on Superior Street in Duluth yesterday, Dec. 6, 2011, as PolyMet’s president and CEO, Joe Scipioni, spoke to the Chamber of Commerce at the club. PolyMet is planning to begin mining copper, nickel, cobalt, platinum and gold in the eastern part of Mesabi Range. The protesters believe PolyMet’s methods are unsafe and will harm our air and water. "I don't think that temporary jobs are worth permanent water damage to 10 percent of all freshwater," said Tyler Nord, UMD senior and member of Occupy Duluth. "The past two centuries, this is how people have thought. This is how they view our earth, and they don't know what else to do." Photo Credit: Emily Haavik

"The EPA released a statement saying it's unsafe,” said Nathan Ness, an organizer of the Duluth branch of Move to Amend. “They're (PolyMet) saying you can't prove that it's unsafe, we're saying you can't prove that it's safe."  "It's like another cry for help, for open dialogue," said Anna Cook, local mother and free-agent protester. "I'm a mom with kids, and I've had to take a crash course to be an expert, because the information doesn't feel readily available." <br>Photo Credit: Emily Haavik

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