Everybody has a story worth telling. That’s what a class of UMD journalism students hoped to prove when they took on the Random Person Project.

Each reporter was given an assignment to write an article on someone they've never met.   The process of choosing that person had to be as random as possible. Some reporters used a phone book or approached strangers in public. Many used Facebook to find a subject by randomly contacting the people who “like” the Facebook fan page for Duluth, Minn.

Here are nine examples of the work produced this semester for the Random Person Project. We want to know what you think of these stories and the project as a whole. Did we get lucky? Or are we just wrong to believe that a life could ever be boring in the first place?

Click on a thumbnail below to read a Random Person Project story.

Click here to read this story.Rand Sola Click here to read this story.Lane Ellis Click here to read this story.Stephanie Wegmann Click here to read this story.Taylor Saxon Click here to read this story.Joe McDonell
Click here to read this story.Anthony Ross Click here to read this story.Emma McDonald Click here to read the full story.MollyJo McCormick Click here to read this story.Bryon Maslow

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