U.S. Congress candidates and their views on issues relevant to students

By Lizz Downey Let's get down to business.

There's an election coming up on Nov. 2.

It is 2010, the last Presidential election was 2008, that means it is mid-term election time.

If you're a resident in Duluth (St. Louis County), you live in District 8 for the U.S. Congress Representative. Visual learner? Here's a map.

What is the U.S. Congress?

If you decided to take a snooze during your 8th grade U.S. history class, this is what you missed. The U.S. Congress is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives has 435 members who speak and vote on behalf of the people from their district (Duluth/St. Louis County=district 8). Senators serve six-year terms and representatives serve two-year terms so we are currently only voting on the representative we want for the House of Representatives. (http://www.uselections.com/mn/mn.htm)

Who is our Representative now?

  • Jim Oberstar
  • Who are the Candidates for U.S. Congress for District 8?

  • Jim Oberstar
  • Chip Cravaack
  • Tim Olson
  • Richard Burton
  • As a student, which issues concern you? The main issues effecting students are education, jobs, the economy, and health care.

    Who do you agree with more?

    Throwing aside any previous knowledge, choose which viewpoint you agree with most.

    Candidate #1

    Health care

  • Wants the people to decide what they want for health care because with choice comes responsibility
  • Doesn't believe that there needs to be amendments made on the health care bill
  • Says "creating competition will drive costs down" when referring to people being free of government control.
  • Jobs/Employment

  • Since the health care bill, he believes the existing leaders act as if they deserve a higher standard of health care than the rest of the American people
  • Wants to work to balance the scale of equal pay and benefits that American employees and government employees receive
  • Education

  • Main focus: "We can do better."
  • Wants education to be controlled locally
  • Questions why we send our tax dollars to Washington only to have it sent back to fund local education
  • His second point on education refers to the patriotism of the newest generations
  • Says there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to America, the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, etc. Believes that this is due to the government
  • Candidate #2

    Jobs and the Economy

  • Top priority: to create good paying jobs in Minnesota
  • He looks to pass bills that create jobs and he supports an increase in the minimum wage
  • Worked to pass the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (women receive equal pay for equal work)
  • Health care

  • Supports the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • Under this act, insurance companies cannot deny an American health care based on pre-exisiting conditions, health status, or gender
  • Says that it "creates competitive marketplaces where individuals and small businesses can buy affordable health care coverage."
  • Social Security

  • Supports protecting retirement security for Americans
  • Opposes privatization of Social Security
  • Education

  • Believes the No Child Left Behind law is in need of reform
  • Supports funding to prevent teacher layoffs and education cuts
  • Has worked to pass legislation that makes higher education more affordable by lowering student loan interest rates and increasing grants for low-income students
  • Candidate #3

    This candidate has eight issues listed on his campaign site. (They are listed as bullets as shown)

  • Constitutionally limited government
  • Term limits for all elected officials
  • Congressional pay cuts!
  • Fenced and secured borders
  • Cleanse the prisons of illegal immigrants, ship them back to their home country.
  • Pack up and ship the U.N. to France
  • Local business owner, snowmobile groomer operator
  • Strong advocated of 2nd amendment rights
  • Candidate #4


  • Believes Minnesota needs to become a more business friendly state to promote growth instead of increasing tax rates
  • States that even at minimum wage, an American worker is still one of the wealthiest people in the world
  • Believes our country is full of opportunities for everyone is they desire them. It is their responsibility to take advantage of these opportunities
  • Uses the PolyMet Project on the Mesabi Range for an example of how government has created "hurdles instead of highways."
  • Health care

  • Says that the United States is a leader for other nations in the way we provide health care to our citizens
  • Believes the first step to affordable and quality health care is to repeal the recent health care bill
  • Has eight initiatives to replace "Obamacare". (All eight can be found on his campaign site that will be given at the bottom of this post)
  • Thinks the issue of health care is "complex and of utmost importance"
  • As a nation we need to control the cost while ensuring the access of health care to citizens
  • Education

  • "Education is the key to success for us as a prosperous nation"
  • Core element of any successful school: Teachers
  • Believes a teacher's pay should be based on performance and not how long they have been teaching
  • Believes education is a state issue
  • Which candidate is who?

    Candidate #1

    Candidate #2

    Candidate #3

    Candidate #4

    Surprised? Want to learn more?

    All of the pictures and information on the issues were found on the candidates election sites. http://www.oberstar.org http://chipcravaack.com http://www.olsonforcongress2010.com http://burtoncongress.com/

    Educate yourself and GET OUT AND VOTE!

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