Prettner Solon's huge shoes to fill for District 7 Senate: An overview of the candidates

By: Bobby Moore Here is some helpful information about the DISTRICT 7 race for MN state senate.

Am I looking at the right candidates? Not sure what district you are represented in? See map above.

ROGER REINERT(Democrat)                                         RILLA OPELT(Republican)

Reinert's Political Profile<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>Opelt's Political Profile

With the Incumbent, Yvonne Prettner Solon being announced the running mate of Mark Dayton for Lt. Govenor district 7, comprised mainly of Duluth, will have a new Senate member in St. Paul.

With Solon making an attempt as the Lt. Governor, a new member will hold the seat for the first time in 8 years. Solon, it is interesting to note, has done many great things for UMD and the Duluth Public School System. She has had her hand in just about everything in Duluth since her term started in 2002. She has proposed several acts and legislatures as strong proponent of the health care policy. She has been the Duluth City Counselor. She also works at St. Luke's hospital as a clinical psychologist.

She has been a member of the following committees for the Duluth branch:

  • Capital Investment
  • Commerce and Consumer Protection
  • Energy, Utilities, Technology and Communications (chair)
  • Human Services Budget
  • Health, Housing and Family Security

Neither candidate has held a seat in senate before; Reinert has been very successful in politics. He hasn't been in a closely contested race in his previous two for Duluth City Council and State Rep. 7b, whereas Opelt hasn't won a political race according to Balletpedia, losing for State House twice in the late 90's. The front runner is clearly Reinert, but Opelt says,"Politics isn't a career for's a chance to serve".

Visit Roger for Duluth to check out his site, endorsed by the DFL.

Reinert for Senate: Campaign Video

Opelt believes this spot should be held by a representative for the citizens according to her profile. Not a politician who cares about spending and taxes. Opelt knows she may be racing from behind, but she wants you to be educated on her reasons for running before you cast your vote.

According to an article from WDIO, she states that she is running because she wants to give voters a choice and,"too many times around here there isn't a choice"

There are also questions surrounding this race of whether Reinert should be sticking his head into the Senate with such a fast upbringing through the political ladder. Only Harry Welty put his name on the primary against Reinert, and he lost by a 76 to 24 percent margin. Things are looking almost as bleak for Opelt as she has little political background and funding. Whereas Reinert has raised almost $40,000 and has support from the Duluth News Tribune.

Solon had some very interesting comments about the front running candidate possibly filling her seat.

Check Out The Northland News Center's coverage of a Q & A with Opelt and Reinert.

For further information, check out the Minnesota Senate page.

Please vote in this poll to see the public awareness about this important race. Also please get out and vote November 2nd, and let your voice be heard! To see all the races nearest Duluth, look at a St. Louis County sample ballot.

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