Minnesota 2010 secretary of state race takes issue with 2008 Senatorial recount

By Wesley Lynch The publicity of the Minnesota Secretary of State race pales in comparison to that given the Minnesota House or governor races this mid-term election, but as was proven by Mark Ritchie's hand in the election of Senator Al Franken, it can potentially be just as important.

The following presents Mark Ritchie's influence as the Minnesota Secretary of State over the past four years in addition to explicating the duties of the secretary of state:

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Incumbent Mark Ritchie's main opponent, Republican Dan Severson, aims to rectify what he sees as significant flaws in the Minnesota election process that he blames for the mishandling of the 2008 Senatorial race. Severson wants to require photo identification at polling places, reform the validity of absentee ballots, and remove same-day registration vouching. For more information on Severson's issues visit his campaign website.

Ritchie, having overseen the 2008 Senatorial recount, believes that Minnesota's current polling system works for a reason. He opposes Severson's proposed reforms for fear that these new polling restrictions will prevent voters from going to the polls. For more information on Ritchie's platform visit his campaign website.

Jual Carlson is the Independent candidate running for secretary of state. He is running on a platform of political pluralism and non-partisanship that stresses the importance of voter participation and accurate representation. For more information visit his campaign website.

The Minnesota Secretary of State website contains useful information about the office, incumbent Mark Ritchie, and voter registration tips.

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