How prepared are Duluth citizens for less publicized elections?

By Joe Haeg


Citizens of Duluth were asked how prepared they felt for the smaller less publicized elections. This is what they had to say:


Damien Kozlowski said that he didn't know much about the smaller elections and if he could vote he would probably pick a name at random. When he turns 18 and is able to vote he plans on doing his own research to prepare.

Katelyn Connell said that she is planning on voting but doesn't feel as prepared as she should be. She thinks that there should probably be more information on the smaller candidates for people who are interested.

Aaron Mayo has done a little research online from the candidate websites. He also thinks that there should be more information for all of the election races and that it would be most easily accessed online.

Kyle Achman is planning on doing research before the election. He thinks the smaller elections are still important and should be more publicized.

Tyler Nord Says that he believes in smaller governments but doesn't know as much about this year's election. He hopes to change that before the election by doing some research. He believes finding information is difficult because along side information about the candidates you need to know about the issues. "Information needs to be easier to find, but I don't know how they would go about doing that"

Cali Laumb said "I would do more research. I don't really know where to start. If you have a general idea then you can kind of expand from there" "I don't think we get enough information on them"

Natalie White is not sure if shes voting this election and hasn't done any research for this election. "I know a little bit, but I don't feel like I'm as educated in them as I should be" "I would look into them before I voted, I wouldn't just pick a random name"

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