District 7B: Three rookies compete for Duluth's House seat

By Jesse Hallbeck This year Roger Rinert has decided to leave his House seat in District 7B.  This leaves the spot open on the ballet this election. Duluth citizens have three "rookie" candidates.  Rookie in the sense that none of them have held a public office above the city council.  Whoever wins will be in a new element and have a higher level of responsibility.  The Minnesota State House of Representatives propose and vote on legislation that is close to the people.  The House is the place were average people can be the most involved in legislation.   This seat represents the city of Duluth.

This mid-term election citizens in District 7B will have three candidates to choose from.  The DFL candidate, Kerry Gauthier, is going for his first House run after serving the Duluth City Council.  Travis Silvers got the nomination from the GOP and has not had served in government before.  Silvers, however, owns his own business in Duluth.  The final Candidate Tony Salls.  Salls is the choice of the Independent party and is currently endorsed by the Duluth News Tribune.

This race is interesting because all of the candidates are outstanding citizens and are very concerned about our community.  All of the candidates' homepages give good details about their lives and goals.  The only difference between them is their position on the political spectrum.  Hopefully this diverse group of candidates will get more people out to vote.

Duluth citizens need to be concerned about this race.  Get out and vote for someone who represents your ideals and get others to do the same.  Whoever wins this election will be a freshman at the Minnesota House.

Who will you vote for? Click on a candidate's picture to watch their campaign videos.  Support your candidate by leaving some comments below.

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