Michele Bachmann v. Tarryl Clark: A battle of witty retorts?

By Kate Butler Michele Bachmann and Tarryl Clark are constantly in the media spotlight lately for bashing each other in campaign ads. What political issues to these two differ on and what are their ads based off of? You be the judge by comparing each of their campaign ads against each other and what they say they stand for in their own promotional ads.

Bachmann bashes Clark

Bachmann calls Clark a "liar"

Bachmann Hearts Name-Calling

Bachmann accuses Clark of lying, failing the American people, and being just another hypocritical politician. Bachmann also notes that Clark voted for benefits for illegal immigrants, a massive takeover of health care, and favored the $435 billion tax increase and the $787 billion stimulus package. Bachmann also dubs Clark as "Taxin' Tarryl", letting people know she is not too old for name calling.

Clark on outsourcing jobs

Clark's view on Bachmann's message to Washington

Clark on Bachmann's efforts in Washington

Tarryl Clark's ads seem less like they are attacking Bachmann than Bachmann's ads directed at Clark. Clark says Bachmann stands for privatizing the "tremendous fraud" that is Social Security and for weaning everyone off. Clark also accuses Bachmann of purposely outsourcing jobs, whereas Clark wants to "end tax breaks for big companies" and show support for the local stores.

When you get past all the name calling and swearwords, are you able to feel totally comfortable with Michele Bachmann or Tarryl Clark when watching their personal campaign ads?

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