Your campaign sign questions answered

By Amanda Hudak Campaign signs are a great way to express political opinion within a community. Here in Duluth the college community can step up and express their beliefs through the use of campaign signs. Click the link below to view a chart that outlines information on how and where to post your signs.

You campaign sign questions answered here.

Most college students are renting the property where they currently live, so knowing your rights about political campaign signs is important. HOME Line is "a nonprofit Minnesota statewide tenant advocacy organization" which offers a hotline that provides free legal advice to tenants in Minnesota. If you have any legal questions about your campaign signs you can contact them for help. According to a short phone discussion with a HOME Line volunteer, it is illegal for your landlord to place political signs on your property without your consent. You are legally renting the home as well as the lawn so therefore it would be trespassing if your landlord places any political signs on your lawn without your permission. Your landlord however can add a clause in your lease prohibiting you from placing signs in your lawn or windows so be sure to read through your lease agreements before posting signs and to avoid landlord/tenant conflict.

College students and other Duluth residents have already started teaming up this election by displaying campaign signs in their front yards. Driving down roads such as Woodland Avenue and College Street you may be able to recognize some of the signs you see below. (Photographs by Amanda Hudak)

As the election draws near post your own pictures of campaign sign sightings on the LakeVoice Facebook page. You can also tell us what you think by participating in the poll below.

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