Letter to the Editor: Pet Your Dog, Eat a Pig

I was slapped in the face with photos of cows hanging by their hind legs. Throats slit with their blood-soaked tongues dangling out of their mouths. Photos of pigs with their eyes full of fear, huddled into the corner of cement walls. A man pointing a gun directly at these innocent beings. Photos of abnormally large-breasted hens so tightly cramped in cages, they weren’t able to turn around, let alone spread their wings.

To the Editor: Textbooks

This is my first year at UMD and I am beginning to realize some of the ups and downs that college life brings. While I begin to align my work schedule, sort through my notebooks and  prepare for a return, I maintain one major frustration: textbooks.

To the Editor:

For brevity's sake, I will limit my thoughts regarding the presidential election by only commenting on an e-mail Housing and Residential Life sent to students on November 9.

Born and Raised Bulldog

Homecoming is a phrase that signifies returning to home. For current students, this week is a time to come together and celebrate school pride, but for some alumni, homecoming week is a time to return to a place that they once called home.